Why Remote Freelancers

The shape and nature of work in the 21st century is continually evolving with the trend moving towards decentralized and remote working. Companies, in order to remain versatile and competitive will have to sustain the ability to source for highly skilled and talented labor from any part of the world through ways that may differ from the traditional employment models. The globalization of talent and technology has made it possible for companies to fill critical job roles without necessarily increasing its staff strength.

Uptalen recognizes these changes and has positioned herself to become the number one marketplace to find high skilled experts to help you execute and manage your tech projects.


Top remote developers

We make sure to select the best talents out there with proven expertise in the digital space to help you with your innovative tech projects.

Fast and realistic estimations

We provide you with realizable estimates of timelines for your projects because once we commit to a delivery schedule and timeline, we make sure to stick with it.

Proactive and efficient communication skills

Our teams of experts/consultants are great listeners. Talk to us about your projects and trust that we’ll deliver your projects just as you imagined it to be.

Transparency all the time, no hidden costs, value for money

With us, you don’t have to worry about fine prints or clandestine clauses, no unwelcome surprises.

Hire fast, start and focus on your core business

We take time to do the hard work for you. We save your time, money and the drawbacks of a bad hiring decision. Meanwhile, while we’re at it, you can focus on the core of your business.

Access to a big pool of technologies and developers

Find the right talent for your projects from our vast pool of tech experts, software engineers, designers and project managers. We parley only with the best.

Why Choose Uptalen

  Uptalen Agency Employer
Start the project
1-2 weeks
1-2 months
2-3 months
Recruiting fee None Low Very high.
Vetted Talent Yes, top resource No Not always
Scalability Unlimited Limited Limited
Transparency Yes No No
Dedicated resource Yes No Not always

We have solutions for

WebApps & Complex websites
Native Ios and Android Apps
Software Platforms, Backends
BlockChain & AI
SMEs and Enterprises
And much more...

Our clients review

"Great experience with fantastic result"
"This was a great experience with fantastic result. Highest quality work, attention to detail, superb communication and prompt delivery!"
Ben R., CTO
"Offers great value"
"Offers great value for money and good communication. Very responsive and good to deal with."
Jeff B, CEO & Founder
"Quick and efficient"
"Absolutely flawless experience. Excellent communication. Excellent responsiveness. Excellent code quality. Excellent availability. I’ve spent thousands of dollars rebuilding the website of a $200 million dollar corporation. I couldn’t be happier with the results."
Michael C., Marketing Mng